Sunday, October 9, 2016

Terror At Trail Blazer

Its October, the spookiest month of the year, and to end my long hiatus I have a special halloween treat! It's a ghost story unlike any other (hopefully) so without further ado, Terror At Trail Blazer.

Jake and Doc Olsen were on their last roping attempt of the day. It had been rather unsuccessful and frustrating. The pair had only one calf left, Mooya, who was quickly tiring.

 Storm and Rita were raring to go. The gate opened and the horses charged out of the start box, their riders twirling their ropes.
 Doc's lariat flew past Rita's head,

 And landed perfectly over Mooya's.
 Sadly, Jake's lasso fell short and missed his back leg. Today marked a rather unsuccessful day of roping.
 "It's alright, Storm is young, I'm sure you'll get there," said John.
 "Thanks, but it's not his fault, it's my problem. I got a little rusty and my mind is elsewhere," said Jake. Then he rode off to the stables to untack Storm.
 Once all the horses were put away Jake headed back to the start box. Jake was feeling uneasy and everyone could tell.
 "What's wrong, Jake? Storm got you down again?" asked Doc.
 "No, it's October. It's just, just…"
"What afraid of some ghosts?" Maya taunted.
 "Oh is it your silly, little ghost story? I'm not sure I really believe that," quipped John.
 "It's real! I swear! Let me tell you the story again. It all happened one October day, when I first moved here.
 I was working for a dude ranch and I wanted to go out for a ride after work. The only horse that hadn't been worked was a stallion named Spirit. He was wild and no one liked him. I figured I could give him a chance.
 The ride through the forest seemed to be normal until he began to rear. I figured he just got spooked by some leaves and I got him under control again. We were heading to my favorite spot, the hidden lake.
 When we got to the beach, Spirit was curious and had fun pawing the surf and exploring. He wasn't such a bad guy.
 He loved the water,
 the sand,
 and he seemed to just relax. I started to read a book and unwind myself. I remember feeling hot air on back, and I just thought that he had come over to say hello. I turned around, and he was on the opposite end of the beach. It seemed odd but I dismissed the whole dilemma.
 After an hour or so I put his bridle back on and got ready to head home. Suddenly I saw something move, and Spirit's ears twitched back and forth.
 A horse galloped along the beach! But this horse, was different. He had a skeleton jockey hanging on his back and seemed to screech as he ran by.
 Spirit whipped around in the sand and got between me and the phantom. It seemed to be on its way and set to leave when another horse appeared.
 This one was threatening, with odd pinto markings. She had bats, ghouls, and goblins tattooed on her body.
 Perhaps the scariest part was her fangs and glowing white eyes. She wasn't just the lead mare of this ghoulish band of horses, she was the Night Mare. Her whinny sounded like screams. Her breath sounded like steam hissing out of an engine. She was truly frightening.
 Then a third horse stormed the beach. He charged towards Spirit.
 He got on his hind legs, ready to fight.
 Instead of running away, Spirit stayed and fought. I could almost swear he was trying to protect me, but maybe I was mistaken. He battled with this horse decorated with macabre skulls and thrashing hooves.
 During the fight, I landed in the water, underneath Spirit's fighting legs. I thought this would be the end, but in a pause during the battle I used all my strength to get up.
 I jumped onto Spirit's back and we were off, flying through the woods.
 The Night Mare and her friend were hot on our tails when Spirit leaped over a log. I was so weak that the jolt threw me off his back.
 I landed on the ground, dazed and slipping into a wave of unconsciousness.
 All I remember was that crazed stallion with the skulls standing over me.
I woke up in the barn aisle, soaking wet with the foreman standing over me. He asked what had happened and when I told my story all he could do was nod. After a long moment of silence he turned to his partner and whispered, 'They're back'. No one ever said anything more about that incident, but I'm certain no one forgot it. Oddly enough, Spirit, the wild and crazy stallion, was calm as could be. Kids could ride him and he never gave a bad step. Perhaps he saw something no one else did that night."
 "Cute story," said John with a smirk.
 "You scared me!" cried Sydney.
"Oh Jake, it's time to let it go," sighed Doc.
 Jake turned to his faithful dog and asked, "You believe me right?"


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    1. Thanks! Life just seems to get in the way of fun stuff sometimes.

  2. I'm sorry, I'm just now seeing this. Yay!!! Welcome back! This was a neat story. :D