Monday, March 7, 2016

TBF Photostory Contest

 Hello everyone! I decided to host a contest. I love making photo stories but I also love to see photo stories other people have made. I thought that it would be fun if I hosted a contest where you must make your own photo story.
Rules: ~Must include at least 4 pictures. No maximum on how many.
~ Can use any kind of model horse
~ Must be your own photos
~Follow the prompt: Today is a very big day at your stable. What's going on? Why is everyone excited and what is the big commotion for?
~Once photographed and completed you can post it on your blog and leave a comment for me to check it out, or you can email it to
~ Entries are due no later than April 1st and judging will take place a week after. Winners will be announced on the blog. Deadline may be extended.
 Prizes: First place winner will get a digital ribbon along with a custom stablemate commission (any simple-ish color), second place will get a printable ribbon and free halter (any size, any color) and third place winners will get a digital ribbon.
 Now here are a few tips to keep in mind.
Special effects can be useful! Notice how in these two scenes it appears that there is some dust getting kicked up under the horse. Not the best affect but it works and adds to the appearance of motion.

 This picture without the dust looks a little more still in my opinion.
 Perception and focus is everything! This is the full picture, horse and rider approaching jump, a little close if I might add.

 Here we have shifted to be behind the horse and have kept the horse in focus.
 Now the jump is in focus, telling us a different story.
 Going behing the rider and horse shows us another story, to me it puts more emphasis on the partnership and the horse.

 Here we see a zoomed in portrait view. By taking the picture on an angle it seems like the horse is starting to lift off.

 Don't forget that everyone has a good side and a bad side. However Beast has no bad side. ;D

 Except that this angle makes his head look larger than his body and the proportions aren't the best. We can tell that he might be turning since we saw the other pictures, but without them he just looks like he wants to run away.

 And I will warn you, dust is evil. This guy was covered in it and I forgot to dust him.

 Hopefully these little tips will help you in your photography and I can't wait to see what you guys can create!
 Weather it's dogs riding ponies,
 or um, this.
 remember to have fun! Good luck everybody.