Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Customs Since August

I've been busy customizing and well I have to say that I have grown! Here is the herd of them since August.
Stumpy, first drastic custom. Circa August 2015
 So Mr Stumpy is a lovely custom on the, anyone know the mold? Kinda wanna hear your guesses on this one. Stumpy is a cute bay appaloosa pony. He was customized to be trotting. He is um, well troubled. Yeah I know he isn't very correct in his conformation but, uh he has nice hair! I do love his paint job and the sculpting work I did on his mane and tail. But sadly if you saw a real horse trotting like this, well it would probably need medical attention.

Gotta love the hair detail.

Pretty hair!
 Damnit Ronan, Man O War, Circa September 2015
This guy is a portrait horse of the real Ronan who took off with me and helped me break my back. When I went to the farm to visit him in September I had a MOW body and decided that he could have his own model. He is a cutie. I like this guy with his glossed eyes, nose and unique hooves. The real Ronan has odd colored hooves like this guy.

LW Los Angeles, Portrait of California Chrome, Circa September 2015
This lovely lonesome glory custom had a weird story. I traded for him when he was a Wise Dan custom but sadly the person had poorly customized him and I had to strip him and start over. But I really like California Chrome and decided he needed his own breyer model. So this lovely guy was painted! His original owner made the custom tail which isn't my favorite but it works. He is one of Lethal Weapon's sons at the barn and has been named LW Los Angles. LA is one of my favorite customs that I've done.

 Halla Custom, Circa November 2015.
A cute flea-bitten grey halla was made in November. I like this guy a lot and he has great detail in person. Currently my camera decided it wanted to take ugly, dark pictures and it didn't do  a wonderful job of capturing those little details.

 LW America's Sweetheart, Circa November 2015.
This guy has to be my most favorite custom that I have ever done! I love this horse so much. This handsome lad is on the Carick mold. my favorite mold. He is another Lenny foal but don't let his name fool ya, he's a stallion with nothing sweet about him. Or at least that's what he wants you to think. This stunner, AKA King got his name from the Elle King song America's Sweetheart. It's an awesome song and it's perfect for an awesome horse. He has such expressive eyes and great shading. I'm also in love with his hooves. I could keep gushing about him but I'll let you see for yourself.

 Motown Filly, Zenyatta Etchie, Circa December 2015.
For christmas I was given a Zenyatta but it was actually my second Zenyatta. The one I had before was body quality so I ended up etching her! She's my first etchie but I love the results. She is a fun, flashy mare!

 Pegasus, Circa January 2016
So this is one of my better resculpts. I had to give him a new tail, didn't have one, and hand sculpted his wings. I like all of his detailing and subtle pinking. He has fun, golden leg barring and a gold mane and tail. He was originally a classic arabian foal.

Dorsal stripe!

 Caveat, Circa January 2016
So here is the finished product! Cav was a Family Arabian Stallion who was customized into a park trot. He is much better than Stumpy and was properly repositioned. He also has a swish tail. i like his dapples which were drawn on with a chalk pencil. They work pretty well actually sand I higly recommend them for dappling.

I'm liking those eyes!

 Ardennes Draft Foal, Circa January 2016
My first ever bay roan was a success! I tried out a new technique with him and was very, very pleased! I sculpted colt parts, a bow, and a beard on this little baby drafter to give his the full fuzzy draft look. I really love how he turned out too! And I love his little baby face!

So I think my customizing skills are really improving and I'm very happy with all of them. Sadly, I am running out of room and will consider offers on some of these customs if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Beautiful customs :) I may be way off with my guess, but is Stumpy the Cantering Welsh Pony?
    I think my favourite is the Ardennes foal. That beard really suits him :)

    1. Thank you and yes he is a cantering welsh pony! I really the little foal too, his beard just works!

  2. Wow! Love all of them, especially the bay Carrick!

  3. Your customs are really improving! Great job on these guys! :D

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot coming from you, I love your customs!