Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A TBF Christmas

So what if Christmas is over, you can enjoy the TBF Christmas Story all year round! So enjoy.
On Christmas day everyone joins the TBF family to ride in the town's Christmas day parade. Afterwards all the carts return to the barn, take a final lap, and prepare for the annual party. 
 Each cart represents a certain aspect of our farm. Maya was driving Inferno on the sulky to represent our small harness racing division.
 Jessie, Paige, Mia, and Lindy drove Jack and Greyson in our pony sled to represent the TBF Pony Club.
 Jack, Jake, Sydney, Rosie, and Elizabeth rode in our wagon pulled by Bud and Wes. They are some of the best riders, trainers, and even the co-owners!
 Greg, our race horse trainer, and Kate and Abby rode in one of our meadowbrooks pulled by Duke to show off their racing pride for the TBF racers!
 All the other barn patrons rode in our sleigh pulled by Beast, our strongest stallion.
 The vets, Riely and her assistants Stevie and Cyd rode in the other meadowbrook. Good old Murphy pulled it driven by an aspiring vet, Sydney.
 Once all the horses were cooled and people were ready the party began. The barn looked festive. The message board was covered in holiday wishes.
 Box stalls were decorated,
 and hats were given. Fly Girl could pull off her santa hat well!
 The main barn was decorated with lights and the horses were decked out in plaid coolers. Snow was scattered around and fun little wreaths were hung about.
 The huge tree in the courtyard was decorated and had all the gifts stored underneath it.
 The pony barn was decked in lights, wreaths and Boomer wore his hat.

 Hocus Pocus even had a wreath in his little paddock.
 Shadow wore a santa hat, but his stablemate Feather refused to dress up.
 Poker Joe's stall had fun lights and he wore a nice hat to be cheery.
 "All right everyone!" shouted Sydney, "Time to start the games. Who ever wins each reindeer game gets a point and the person with the most points wins!" All the horses and riders warmed up and prepared for the games. Jake and Gold, Mia and Daytona, Sydney and Boomer, Penny and Phoenix, Riely and Fancy, and Molly and Blackjack were the competitors for the games.

 The other barn members cheered and shouted for their favorite team.

 First game was Flight School. The horses competed in a chase me charlie type event and who ever made it highest won. Sydney and Boomer went first. Neither were confident about this event, she was a dressage kid and he was a stubborn pony who had never jumped in his life. And to make matters worse, Sydney was riding bare back.
 Surprisingly Sydney, and everyone else, cleared the first round perfectly.
 Mia and her new leaser, Daytona, had a great jump on the second round. At two feet, Daytona jumped perfectly for a greenie.
 Riely's new horse, Fancy jumped fairly well, but there was room for improvement.
 And Penny came so close with Phoenix, but unfortunately knocked down a rail.
 The same fate remained for Sydney and Boomer who barely managed to scramble over. Every one else handled the height just fine. On to round three!
Fancy did not approve of the three foot height, and stopped and swerved before take off.
 Riely ended on the ground and decided to give up the jumping career.
 Jake and Gold strolled down and cleared the jump nicely.
 Molly and Blackjack soared over the jump in a wonderful form.
 Daytona was distracted and flew into the jump, scattering the poles.
 Round four was a three footer and a small fence set up in a bounce. Molly and Blackjack took off,
 and cleared it! Molly gave a pat to her beloved stallion.
 Jake got left behind after the first jump and was uncoordinated for the bounce. Sadly Gold fumbled and knocked the fence down,
 Molly and Blackjack held the first point and were ready for the next game, Present Delivery. It was an obstacle course that started with barrel weaving, picking up a present, going through the curtain, jumping the yule log, and dropping off the present. Boomer and Sydney went first.
 They shot through the weaving barrels,
 Grabbed the present,
 Ran through the curtain,
 And dropped off the present in record time. Their round was finished in sixty seconds flat!
 Mia and Daytona blasted through the barrels,
 But had trouble picking up the present and almost fell.
 Once she had it she headed towards the curtain, but he spun around and tried to run off. Mia steered him the right direction and made it through the curtain.
 Daytona hopped over the yule log,
 And delivered the present in two minuets.
 Jake and Gold handled their weaving well,
 scooped up a present and tossed it on his saddle.
 They ran through the curtain at the foxtrot and delivered the present. Their time was slow but good an a minuet and ten seconds.

 Blackjack and Molly headed off and began their round.
 They were doing well until they went to pick up the present.
 Molly dropped the present and spent precious seconds picking it up.
 Once she had it she carried it through the curtain triumphantly!

 She dropped it off at the two minuet mark.
 Penny weaved through the barrels,
 grabbed her present,
 and charged through the curtain. Phoenix was a true trooper and headed to the yule log.
 He never fumbled as he stepped over it.
 The present was delivered in exactly sixty-one seconds.
 Fancy was a slow girl going around the turns,
 Stopped to pick up the present,
 and refused to move through the curtain,
 Even when Riley pulled her through, Fancy would budge.
 Riley, for the second time today, ended up on the ground.
 As she led Fancy away Riley declared, "My New Years resolution is going to be training you!" Everyone gave her a round of applause for her valiant effort as she moved on.
 Boomer and Blackjack were tied and to solve the tie, a game of Red Light, Green Light was held.
 They were lined up and ready to go. The goal, touch the ginger bread man first.
"GREEN LIGHT!" was screamed, and off they went. Boomer cantered off and Blackjack gave his all in his huge trot.
 "RED LIGHT!" someone shouted and they halted. The riders had no control, it was all up to their horses. Blackjack was a head a few feet but Boomer was tense. The little pony was ready to go.
 "GREEN LIGHT!" They shot off, faster than bullets. Boomer was leading.
 Sydney stuck out her arm, Molly followed. "RED LIGHT!!!!"
 Blackjack stopped with Molly stretching her arm out, just missing the man.
 Boomer and Sydney were in the right place and touched her gingerbread man.
 "We did it! We won boy!" shouted Sydney. For winning they got a fun sash.

 Blackjack won a ribbon for the best dressed horse. And Blackjack sure did rock those antlers and red nose.

 After all the competitors shook hands, it was time for presents. Secret santa gifts were passed out and people got breyers, helmet covers and fun tack pieces.

 "Um, I don't want to be rude, but I noticed my present is missing," said Jake. "I know," Sydney said smiling. "I'm your secret santa and I have something special for you, let me get it."
 Jake couldn't wait and wondered what the barn owner would give him.
"Merry Christmas!" shouted Sydney. You were training him everyday and I figured that he might be a better horse with you," she said.
 SQA Sand Storm rushed into the court yard with a big bow on him. He was a problem horse, but he was a smart horse. Jake had a way with problem horses and saw big things for Storm. Sydney wouldn't have been happier to give him a good home.
 "Thank you so much! I can't believe it Syd! Thanks! I won't let you or him down," he said to Sydney. And Jake and his two horses rode off on a lovely Christmas afternoon. And so another happy holiday was held at TBF.
I hope everyone had a very merry holiday!


  1. Wow! This is an amazing post TBF!! Such a lot of effort to creat this I bet! Happy 2016

    1. Thanks! I had some fun with this one! Happy 2016!

  2. So much fun! I love this! I think this is your best one yet, what a great story! I love all of the details :D The games were so cute!