Sunday, October 25, 2015

BCS American Kid

Another good name for this post would be, "Why am I so forgetful?". I received this very special horse all the way back in May over Memorial Day Weekend and never posted about him. Not. Smart. Anyways, this is a photo story, and it has a real story at the end too. Enjoy!

It was a normal day, with a slight chill in the air as the riders worked their horses. It was the start of Memorial Day Weekend and the young riders were very excited to have some time off. But everyone was excited today, the new import would be coming.
 Greg, the racing manager and trainer, pulled up with the trailer. Everyone stopped and turned, the new racehorse from California had arrived. BCS American Kid was bred from the same parents as TBF's champ Lethal Weapon. Lenny had a new full brother and everyone hoped that Kid would be half as good as his brother.
 Lenny perked up when Greg pulled into the parking spot. He whinnied to his brother, and waited for him to respond.
 Greg went to the trailer to unload the horse.

 Greg and Kid headed towards the stable to check in and get his new stall. Everyone stopped and stared at the gorgeous stallion.
 Riders held their breath as the two brothers locked eyes, everyone knew that two stallions don't mix well.
 Lenny whinnied again, this time shriller.
 Kid called back in a low tone and bowed his head. Then Kid pulled Greg forward and lurched towards Lenny.
 They sniffed each other and gave a tentative greeting.
 And then, they showed the ultimate affection, they trusted each other.

And so began Kid's training. 

Kid was sent to Fox Meadow Downs, the local racing stable, where he trained and did well in races. He was jockeyed by Kate, who also jockeyed Lenny, and they placed second many times. He just wasn't reaching his potential. So Greg decided to make the switch from dirt to turf.
 He was nervous in that first race at a new place. He had raced new horses before, but Kid always recognized a few of them. Greg led Kid and Kate away, Greg hoping this would show a positive change in Kid. Kid just hoped there wasn't a mountain lion anywhere.
 They loaded in the gates and Kid took charge. The poor started bursted out of the gate and found the traction he needed to run. He pushed past the other horses and galloped straight to the front of the pack. He propelled himself off of the turf and flew to the finish. For the first time Kid placed first.
 And it happened again,
 and again,
and again.
 And Kid even took home a champion title that year and was the Most Winningest Turf Racer of the 2015 Season. Kate couldn't be prouder and neither could Greg. Kid might not have topped his brother with fast mile times, and triple crown placings, but he was great in his own way.
 But then his winning streak halted. Turf racing was over now in the region but Kid wasn't doing well in his warm-ups. Rather than send Kid to another track in a warmer state, Greg had him vet checked.
 Everyone was worried. Greg held on tight to his hope, Kate hugged the strong athlete, and Kid stood wondering what was going on outside his blinkers.
 "It's just as I thought. I'll need a scope to be sure but I am very confident that he has ulcers," said Doc Riley. The tests confirmed it, and they were treated with medicine, but a racer was very prone to these types of issues. Sadly, there was no guarantee the ulcers wouldn't return. One thing was certain, Kid's racing days were over.
 But it was not the end of Kid. Kid now stands stud as our only male turf racer. He is a proud ambassador of the Run Boy Run bloodlines and the lines of Queen Z. Eventually he will be retrained to do another event but for now he represents the TBF thoroughbred blood line with his brother, and our other studs. ∆
 BCS American Kid also is very special to me as he is from Jennifer Buxton's own collection. In May she was at Models in the Mountains and cleaned out her old horses. I mentioned how much I liked her Man O War and she said she would give me him for the price of shipping. (BTW, Jenn, I still owe you the shipping cost! What's your paypal?)
 So then I decided to get his past info, his original name, Red Rover, what she did with him, etc. Then because Jennifer Buxton is a hobby idol, I asked for her to sign him. AND SHE DID!!!!!! Yes, I get excited over odd things. I also added the prefix BCS (can anyone guess what it refers to?)  to his name to honor his past owner.
 Yeah, I ment to to post about him so long ago but I never did. Oh well. He also has some of my best race tack with my best pair of blinkers. These don't have cups because I'm weird and didn't add cups, most of mine have them, but it is one of the only ones made of racing silks! Well thank you so much Jenn for this lovely horse, I love him and he will always have a special place in my collection.
He looks like he's thinking something important.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Liebester Award!

Well I'm really excited because I've been nominated for the first time in my life and I received this wonderful award three times now! It's such an honor. This first nomination is from CWS. Thanks!
The rules are:

– Put the Liebster Award logo on your blog.

– Thank and tag the blog who nominated you.

– Answer their questions and come up with 10 new ones for your nominees
– Nominate 8 blogs (with less than 200 followers*), let them know you’ve nominated them, and link them in your post
– No tag-backs
(copied & pasted from CWS)

Here are CWS's questions:
1: Best model horse buy?
This is a tough one, probably my Lion Heart I bought over the summer for $45. 

2: Ever had a model horse barn set up?
Yes, and I love it! I pose them everyday in the morning, or at night, so when I come home from school I have something fun to look at.

3: Any Peter Stone models?
I have three, an old mold morgan, a dapple grey jumper, and my custom Percy.

4: How many Schleichs (if any) do you have?
A lot, I used to collect and play with them before I got into Breyers. I think I'll be selling a few soon.
5: Favourite type of horse riding? E.g barrel racing, dressage, jumping…
Dressage!!!! I'm called the DressageKid because I ride it and take it seriously. I love free styles, they're so much fun!
6: Ever been to Breyerfest? (Or any other model horse event)
Yes, twice. I hope to go back but I was just really lucky and thankful to go the two times.
7: Least favourite horse colour?
I don't really like chestnut. On models it's ok but I'm so tired of seeing plain old chestnuts at stables. It's the most common color though.
8: If you could design a Regular Model for Breyer, what would it’s mold, colour, eye colour and markings be?
I guess I'd want to see a horse that's not perfect, like a lesson horse. So I'd pick the Halla mold or San Domingo and have them be painted a bay or chestnut, and give them some dirty socks or a star. Nothing flashy, nothing perfect but just like our horses that us lesson kids love!
9: Do you have a subscription to a horse or craft magazine?
I do subscribe to Young Rider and I get my trainer's old Dressage Today magazines every once in a while. 
10: Favourite thing about the model horse hobby?
The fact that you can have the stable of your dreams and all the horses you love until you find, or can afford!, that in real life. Then they become great memories and keepsakes and something to remind you of those early days.
This next nomination is from Horse Tender. Thanks and congrats on riding a horse!!!!!!

 1:What is your favorite color?
Blue and then Green. I love the combo.
2: Who is your favorite fictional character?
Hmm, I think maybe Sidney Kriser from the book Catch Rider.
3: Do you play any online/computer games?  If so, which ones?
Not any more. When I was young I was really into Howrse.
4: Best (real) horse memory?
Either when I warmed up Boomer before a show and I was the only one in the ring and I felt like he was my horse or when I cantered Boomer bareback. That was some of the most fun I've had.
5: Favorite time of year?
6: Are you a night owl or an early bird?
Night Owl. I never sleep, even though I should.
7: Do you have any pets? 
Yes two dogs, Izzy and Rosie. I'd love a horse but eh, that's unlikely.
8: Favorite breed of horse?
Halflinger, Arabian (at least of the one's I've ridden), Paints (for their coats) and Frisians because they just look magic.
9: Are you working on any big projects right now?
Not currently. I'm brainstorming what to do with a new body foal I have and I just finished a beach scene that turned out really good, except for the fact that it warped...
10: What other hobbies or interests to you have?
I love to write, horse back ride, and draw. I'm going to write a novel for National Novel Writing Month actually, so that's exciting.

And finally I have Chestnut Heart Beat's questions. Thanks for the nominations!!!

1. What inspired you to start writing a blog?
I loved other people's blogs and I wanted a place to share my stories about what happened at TBF. The photo stories made by other bloggers also provided a lot of inspiration.
2. Who is your inspiration in the model horse or real horse world?
I am inspired by my trainer in the horse world. She isn't famous but she has encouraged me and taught me a lot about life and riding.
3. Of all your models, which is your favourite?
Ooo. Tough. I don't like having a favorite but some are Blackjack, he was a grail and I found him at my first BF, my Chochise named Denis, he was my first, Fin, another grail horse, and some that my friend has given me like Forrest, (Frankle) and Murray ( Cupcake).
4. Which of your models do you most regret buying, and why?
Well there's been a few bad choices but one was Sunrise. I shouldn't have bought him over a Headly Britania and I thought he was so ugly! I traded him with a friend for a clydesdale. The trade wasn't super fair since Sunrise was mint but I was happy to get rid of him!
5. If you could visit anywhere in time or space (including fictional places) where would you go?
A horse farm in the 60's or something where I lived on a farm and rode horses whenever.
6. What is your favourite season of the year?
7. If you could have any skill you want, what would you like to have?
Being able to draw really well! I can draw ok but not that well.
8. What would your dream model horse be?
I am lucky enough to have my lesson horses as models but I would love to have an Alborozo too.
9. What is your favourite mythical/fantasy creature?
Pegasus. Never be late to school again!
10. Tell us something about yourself we don't know (Ok, ok, not really a question, I know :) )
Well, I love the color plaid and got into a large debate about how it is a color. I don't know who won that one!

So here are my questions:
1. Who is your favorite horse, model or real?
2. Where do you want to go, any world, any place, any time?
3. Are you an only child or do have siblings?
4. If all of your models were real, which one would you want to ride, show, etc.?
5. How did you get started in the hobby?
6. Who was your first model?
7. What was your best model purchase?
8. What's the worst thing you've ever bought?
9. Favorite tv show?
10. What is your least favorite Breyer mold, horse, and color?
My nominees are:
And anyone else who'd be interested in answering these questions! I can't wait to read your responses! Thanks again for the nominations.