Thursday, September 10, 2015

AKF Project: Boomer

So I started school on Monday.  I started this post three weeks ago when I actually started school. High school sure is busy so here is my time to blog about Boomer. There's so much to tell and say about him that I simply can't do it all. We're the same age, 14 this year!, and when I first met him I hated him. Then after the tragedy of Phoenix, he really started to grow on me.
 Skip ahead a few years; Last summer I was injured on a racehorse and broke my back. So when I was better and healed I was still emotionally scarred. When I went near horses I was terrified. Boomer helped me though, he never gave up on me. He didn't make things easier at times but my journey was not supposed to be easy. There were times when I was feeling brave and I needed my brave pony. There were times when I was terrified and Boomer knew, but he didn't let me give in. He'd misbehave and cause a stink until I dealt with my issues and then corrected him and took back my control.
 Now you may wonder if it is still like this, and I am happy to say I am much better. Boomer helped with that immensely. I guess I just decided I needed to work through my problems instead of hide them like I had been doing. One day I made a list of all the horse things I had wanted to do, and ride to music   was on the list. My screen name for everything is Dressagekid2001 and that's because I ride dressage. With the help of my trainer we made a dressage freestyle and I spliced together music and made a routine. Boomer loves music and he's just a very funny horse. Through the test and the beat, Boomer and I formed a bond and grew as horse and rider.
 Boomer is a special horse to me. I do think he is the best horse I've ever ridden and the beset thing that has happened to me. I don't care that he's a pony or that he's sassy, I love that about him!
We've had great memories together, like when we won blue ribbons at a dressage show, or my lovely photo shoot I had gotten taken with him last year, or even the time I got to go warm him up when no one was around and it was just me and Boom.
We've had scary moments too, like when he tripped and fell. However, we were there for each other. I helped to get him up and he helped to give me my trust in him back. He really found his ways to help me and he was my best friend through all those long days.
People always ask what's going to happen when I out grow him, and I don't know. I don't really care either. I never saw myself riding without Phoenix, or Bonnie, or Fancy, but all of them led to Boomer. Boomer will lead me to my next horse and the one after that and maybe even a horse of my own one day. Who knows! But for now I'm just happy to be with Boom.
Boomer loves, loves, loves peppermints. They are his favorite treat! He just stands and sucks them in his mouth like humans do until it's all gone. He also loves me. Yes, you can argue and say that horses don't love and that Boomer doesn't love me. Say what you want but I think it's false. Horses have feelings and emotions, they're just different than humans. Boomer whinnies every time he sees me. He looks for me when I leave and knows when it's my time to ride him. Boomer loves me, and I love him too.
As far as painting Boomer, he is a haflinger in real life so I chose the Henry Fjord mold for him. I resculpted the mane after I dremeled it off. Then he was primed and hand painted with acrylics. Finally he was sprayed with sealant and had his eyes glossed. He looks exactly like the real boomer and I absolutely love him!
I hope you've enjoyed the AKF Project series! Please comment any questions below! I may start taking commissions on tack and horses but no promises.


  1. Oooh he's so CUTE!!! Love his long mane❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks! IRL Boomer's mane is that long and oh so ratty. He needs a small haircut. ;)

  2. He is really cute and I love his story. Wow, you two have done a lot together, that is so awesome. I've always wanted to ride dressage to music too, but I haven't had the chance yet. That is wonderful that you did and I'm sure there's more of that in your future too! :)

    1. Thank you. I really love this boy and can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

  3. Your customs are lovely. Great job :)