Friday, August 7, 2015

The UK Classic

This is photostory that CWS (Cedar Wood Stables) and I have been collaborating on. It features our two stables, TBF and CWS competing in the UK, in the UK Classic! Hope you enjoy!
Cedar Wood Stables:
Ashleigh, Brooke, and Mrs Sheppard had travelled with their three horses, Harley, Chess and Athas to the UK for the very exciting UK Classic. Ashleigh was definitely the most nervous of the three, as this was her first major showjumoing competition, but she trusted that Harley would get them through the Novice Showjumping course. She tried to swallow her nerves and gave Harley a good groom, before Mrs Sheppard came over and gave her a pep talk. "Just do you best, Ashleigh, that's all I want from you! Oh, and don't forget to have fun too!" Ashleigh was called into the arena to start her round, and took a deep breath before she pressed Harley into a smooth canter. The pair jumped everything beautifully, and even took the most challenging course, the wall, with natural style. 
 Ashleigh gave Harley a slappy pat on the neck as they excited the arena, and smiled at the next girl waiting to go in for the Novice Showjumping class.
Trail Blazer Farms

When Mia and Jake arrived in the UK they hurried to the show grounds and set up. Mia was a bit nervous about such a large show but Jake reassured her. "It's no different than being at home. Don't worry. You and Gypsy will do great!" 

  Mia rode Gypsy Leader to a wonderful first place! Gypsy had a lot of faith in Mia and handled the jumps perfectly. Mia smiled happily as she was handed the beautiful silky rosette and silver trophy. As soon as the awards ceremony was finished, Ashleigh ran over with her 4th place trophy and gave Mia a hug. They walked back to TBF's trailer and had a nice packed lunch while they swapped stories of funny riding experiences. Ashleigh and Mia tied up their horses and walked over to watch the Showjumpin, which Jake and Brooke were competing head-to-head in.
Cedar Wood Stables
Brooke nervously walked Chess into the arena for her showjumping class. She had seen the rider, Jake from Trail Blazer Farms compete just moments before her, and it had set her stomach in knots. Jake's horse, American War Hero, had knocked down several jumps and reared and bucked throughout his whole round, and she was worried that Chess, her high-strung black thoroughbred would act the same. Luckily he didn't and they only had a few spooky moments, and he pulled through to get the pair 3rd place!
Trail Blazer Farms
Jake patted American War Hero's neck comfortingly as the stallion pranced on the spot. It was their turn very soon, and the stallion could sense the tension in the air. The bell rung, and the pair quickly cantered into the arena. Jake tried his best to get the stallion under control, but American War Hero reared at the first jump, and scattered the red and white poles.
The rest of the course went the same way, and it earned them 5th place, the last in their class.
Cedar Wood Stables
Mrs Sheppard anxiously held the reins of the feisty young stallion, Athas. The bell for the Young Horse Cross Country class would sound any moment, and the Gypsy Vanner was wound as right as a coiled spring.  The British green hills rolled in the horizon, and the grassy area in font of her was scattered with difficult XC jumps. Mrs Sheppard was a seasoned competitor, and this was her home country, but this would be Athas's first competition. The bell rang, and the galloped towards the first jump. Surprisingly the course was going very well, until they reached the last jump. Athas did an almighty buck, and Mrs Sheppard sailed over his head and into a ditch. His bridle was still in her hands, Mrs Sheppard realised it must have come off when he bucked. It was too late to stop him though,and he wheeled around and tore across the field back to the starting box!  
Trail Blazer Farms and Cedar Wood Stables
All the riders from both stables walked over to TBF's truck to have a chat and some well-deserved drinks. Everyone swapped contact details and promised to keep in touch, and their horses nickered at each other. Everything was going along fine until Athas decided to challenge American War Hero. The two stallions broke free from their tethers and rose up on their hind legs. A red-faced Jake and Mrs Sheppard pulled the horses away from each other and everyone started to get their horses ready for the long flight home.
Hope you enjoyed this photo story!

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