Sunday, August 16, 2015

AKF Project: Fancy

We'll start with Fancy since she was the first horse I met in the lesson program. At my barn you have to have to be 8 to start lessons and they used to make you take an introductory course called the Park District Class that taught you everything about horses before you started lessons. I met horses through there, including Fancy (and a few others who didn't get their own customs.) Once the last session was finished you could sign up for lessons and start riding. My first lesson was the next weekend and I was so excited to start. When I found out I was riding Fancy, a paint horse mare, I was so happy. Fancy was young at the time, so was I, and she had lots of tricks. She was a good mare but a sneaky one.
 As I walked her out of her stall she pulled me over to the grain bin and I yanked on her lead rope, close to tears. It was embarrassing for a little kid, but Fancy took one look at me and sighed as only a horse can. She straightened up and walked herself to the cross ties and gave me the, "Ok kid. I'll behave," look.
 From there I grew as a rider and learned the ins and outs of riding. I started my lessons in November and in the spring of that year I rode in my first show. I got to ride Coco and Fancy and in my very class I rode Fancy and placed first. I didn't expect it, and I did ride against some older kids. It was amazing to win and I didn't even care when Coco wouldn't trot and I lost my second class.
 I rode Fancy in my lessons every once in a while but eventually I moved on to some other horses. In 2011, I think, Fancy got very depressed. That's when my friend Cece bought Fancy. They're perfect for each other even though when she was first sold I was upset. I had always wanted to buy Fancy in my perfect fantasy world.
 Fancy still resides at AKF and Cece still owns her. She's in her twenties now and is becoming an accomplished horse in dressage. She's still one of my favorite horses to visit. I'm friends with Cece now and she's also helped me become a well rounded equestrian, all because of Fancy.
Fancy was pretty easy to customize, she is my third Lady Phase which makes it an official conga. Interestingly enough I only have bay pintos on the LP mold. Fancy's model captures her easy-going nature and her little sassy attitude. I really enjoyed painting her and having a little Fancy to keep forever.

The next post will chronicle the horse I rode after Fancy...