Thursday, August 20, 2015

AKF Project: BJ

BJ isn't my favorite horse, not even close. The first time I rode him I thought he was too slow and I hated him. He was a pain to bridle, still is, and he loved to spook for no reason. He didn't spook bad and wasn't dangerous it was just annoying because he'd purposely stop and walk off the rail or trot off and then realize he spooked at nothing. Ugh. Run-on sentence. But BJ is a clown. He didn't do anything important for me, I rode him a lot and in a show or two, but really I just like him for being a goofball.
 He is a national show horse who is was a show horse turned lesson horse. He was painted on this mold because he stands in the cross ties and begs for food just like this mold. He is a truly goofy horse. He eats leather, sticks his tongue out at you, and on occasion licks you. However BJ and I have basically decided at this point that we aren't going to get along anymore. When I tried to ride him after my accident I was still scared of horses and would get very anxious. That's a non no around horses and he took total advantage of that. His bad behaviors got worse to the point where he came
down and bit me on the top of my head for no reason. Oh well, a little girl absolutely loves him and he loves her, so there's someone for everybody.

Even though I'm not fond of real BJ I quite like his model. I love the highlights in his mane and his 
muzzle shading. His hooves came out nice too, an area that I struggle in. I think this model just has character like the real horse. I also love his goofy little snowball on his side that is a real marking on BJ. He's always had it and it's not a brand or anything. The only other customization made to this horse besides the paint job was that I filled his brand in with apoxie and sanded it smooth. I like this mold better brand less, but he's the only one I have. I've never been a huge fan of the brands so I might fill them in on future models.

I believe that I hinted that after Phoenix I found an amazing horse who filled his place and became all that Phoenix was and more. Well his name is Boomer and he will get his post next.

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