Sunday, June 7, 2015

Trial Run

"Want to go for a trial run?" asked Jake.
"Yes!" shouted the girls in unison. Before they knew it they were off on a trial run and were racing along the local hunter pace's path.
 Jake was riding Cricket an ex-racer who just couldn't get the concept of retirement.
 Lily was riding an ex-quarter horse racer named Buck. He was going to be trained for barrel racing or cross country.
 Paige was riding her good old boy Forest who was preparing for this summer's cross country contests.
 Molly rounded off the horses riding Delta Dawn, a steeple chase racer who returned from the UK after winning The Grand National.

 Delta shot into the lead, leaving Forest scrambling to catch up. Buck kept a nice pace while Cricket was dead last.

 The horses kept a consistent pace until,
 Buck shot up into the lead, running neck and neck with Delta.
Buck was the first to make it to the straw covered field and he kept up his pace. 

 Unfortuneatley for him, he past the quarter mile mark and started to get tired.
 Delta and Forest were quite a pair. They matched each other's speed no matter how fast the other went or how many time they tried to burst forward. They just couldn't be beat!

 The horses gained on Buck until Forest grabbed the lead position.
 As they transitioned into grass Forest held the lead with Buck in second, Delta in third and Cricket in last.

 Soon Delta dropped to last place and Cricket took the advance.
 Cricket's lead didn't last though as Delta made her way through the pack.
 Buck was content and happy as he ran until Delta began to pass him. He tried and tried but failed.

 Delta and Forest ran neck and neck as Cricket and Buck ran in unison.
 They approached the barn, then the last length, and finally were close to the one-mile finish line.

 Which horse won? It's up to you to decide. It was just a trial race.

Also, congrats to American Pharoah! Can't wait for that guy to be a Breyer horse!


  1. Hmmm... I think Forest probably won. Just a feeling I get. ;) Plus I rode a horse named Forest a couple of times and he was really cool, so I've gotta cheer for that one. He looked nothing like your Forest though, he was a big buckskin pinto warmblood. :)

    1. I kinda had that felling too. Your Forest sounds awesome though! I gotta love special horse colors.