Thursday, June 25, 2015

Short Post

Before I formally introduce these lovely bodies on my kitchen counter I'll show you a picture of them. You can learn a lot about their personalities.
And for fun, let's play Caption This! The idea came from CWS and is her idea but I borrowed it. Winner will get a true prize!


  1. "Ugh. There is dirt in my water!"
    Fjord "You know that water isn't yours....."


  2. Spanish Horse: Look! There's a bird in this water, how unhygienic!
    Fjord: You do realise it's a birdbath...

  3. Legionario III says: "I'm telling you, this bluebird is not to be trusted!"

    1. That is so funny that you say that since that is most likely what the horse I'm going to customize him as would say! The real horse, BJ, would be the horse to have mistrust in birds.