Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Seeing Stripes

So this is a long over-due post but at the end of April I found a crown jewel of Breyers (well to me anyways),

 I found him with this goofy shipping set at an equastrian resale shop that has everything for a horse plus Breyers and old, awesome horse books! The best part about him was his price, $20.  On an unrelated note I bought all their books, about a hundred, for $30 and two saddle pads for my pony for cheap as well. Resale stores rock!

Fuzzy Ears!!!!
 This guy is one of my favorites and is named Stripes after the movie Racing Stripes. I made his tack set from the movie and will post that next! If you can get this guy (ok, technically girl)  for a decent price, buy it!

So here is a size comparison with him and the Breyer Fjord. The zebra is pony sized.

Twins anybody?
 And here he/she is with a John Henry. The zebra is small but still a nice size.

A Racing Stripes post is next!