Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On The Way

Another day another sign.

 Everyone was quite surprised. Sydney's explanation was simple; "I knew everyone could ride a horse and jump a course but that wasn't what I was judging. I let you pick your horses, and many of you own a horse. For those of you that don't you could ride any horse. So yes, Meg rode our star jumper but she rode him to the jump too quickly and took off too late. Mia chose her favorite lesson horse and rode him perfectly and knew how to get a stunning jump out of him. It was a hard decision, everyone rode great but in the end I had to choose Mia. So Mia, what horse would you like to ride at the show?" For Mia the answer was simple, her favorite lesson horse, The Gypsy's Leader.
 Sydney was proud of the barn and had Jake and Mia pose for the town's newspaper. This was big news.
 The rest of the day was filled with cleaning and packing. Then the horses had to be loaded.
 Gypsy walked up nicely and remained relaxed.
 Colonel reared and put up quite a fight! Jake had a hard time getting him in. Soon enough they were ready to hit the road.

 And they were headed to the airport for the next leg of their journey.
To be continued...
And a quick note on how I picked the winning horse. I used a name picker application with a list of all the horses suggested and Gypsy was the lucky horse!


  1. Yay, congratulations to Jake and Mia. :) Good luck at the UK Classic!

    (Your blog is so fun, it makes me wish I had more props for my horses. ;) Guess I need to make some!)

    1. Thanks! I love finding little things and making them into horse stuff. I love catchup containers because they make great buckets. Those plastic tack boxes are mini plastic organization boxes from Office Depot. But the one with the grey handles is from the dollar store where it came in a pack of two. Those are a little bigger and are nicer. Pipe cleaners are great too.