Thursday, June 25, 2015

Short Post

Before I formally introduce these lovely bodies on my kitchen counter I'll show you a picture of them. You can learn a lot about their personalities.
And for fun, let's play Caption This! The idea came from CWS and is her idea but I borrowed it. Winner will get a true prize!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On The Way

Another day another sign.

 Everyone was quite surprised. Sydney's explanation was simple; "I knew everyone could ride a horse and jump a course but that wasn't what I was judging. I let you pick your horses, and many of you own a horse. For those of you that don't you could ride any horse. So yes, Meg rode our star jumper but she rode him to the jump too quickly and took off too late. Mia chose her favorite lesson horse and rode him perfectly and knew how to get a stunning jump out of him. It was a hard decision, everyone rode great but in the end I had to choose Mia. So Mia, what horse would you like to ride at the show?" For Mia the answer was simple, her favorite lesson horse, The Gypsy's Leader.
 Sydney was proud of the barn and had Jake and Mia pose for the town's newspaper. This was big news.
 The rest of the day was filled with cleaning and packing. Then the horses had to be loaded.
 Gypsy walked up nicely and remained relaxed.
 Colonel reared and put up quite a fight! Jake had a hard time getting him in. Soon enough they were ready to hit the road.

 And they were headed to the airport for the next leg of their journey.
To be continued...
And a quick note on how I picked the winning horse. I used a name picker application with a list of all the horses suggested and Gypsy was the lucky horse!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

UK Classic Try-outs

Let me start by I'm sorry. I've had a lot of things that needed to be done before this post plus an illness. But it's over now and I had time for this! 

It appeared to be a particuarily normal day at TBF.
 But the message board said differently.

The UK Classic was an invitational show being held by CWS in the UK. TBF was especially excited as two riders would travel "across the pond" to the show! TBF was quite honored that such a small, American stable was invited to such a grand show.

The barn owners could not attend but they would search for one adult and one young rider to compete in the show. Before the try-outs the riders met to have a picture taken.
 "I'll let you pick the horse you want to ride. I'm going to judge these try-outs like a show," explained Sydney. "Make sure to groom your horse as you would at a show and demonstrate good horsemanship"

Everyone grabbed their mounts and warmed up. Sydney was quite surprised at the turn out.
 Some rode school horses,

 Some rode underdogs,
 Others rode their own horses,

 And some borrowed their rides. Riptide was the barn's most promising jumper and Meagan hoped she would have a good chance with him.
One jump was set up. "I know you can jump. That's not the most important thing. It's how you handle yourself in the ring." chimed Syd.
 The barn owners would be the judges for today.
 Molly and her horse, Pie-eyed Sailor, went first.
 All eyes were on them as they cantered around the jump once. On the second circle Molly turned early and jumped perfectly down the line. A clear jump!

Kate was next to go on her horse Twilight. 
 Twilight was a bit unexperienced but she made the jump and only brushed the pole.
 Penny and Phoenix went next. The horse was proud and confident,
 But he still managed to knock one down.

 Maya rode Lampwick confidently to the jump. He trotted all the way and simply popped over it,
 and walked for home.
 Suzy walked into the arena on the young and lazy mare River. Suzy saluted the judges and began cantering towards the jump.
 River is lazy and she stopped dead in her tracks.
 Suzy stood up, dusted off her pants, put the poles back and walked River out of the arena.

 Jake jumped the crazy stallion American War Hero. They were strong and flew over perfectly.
 Meagan rode Riptide in the ring with flair. Riptide just seemed to float across the arena.
They jumped with correct form even though Riptide took off late.
 Mia rode Gypsy and did well.
 For a gypsy vanner he does a good job.
 The final competitor was Santiago and his polo pony, Cody. The pair galloped in,
 and through the jump!
 All the riders turned their attention to the judges.
"We have decided that Jake will be our adult competitor but we have not made a decision on who our youth competitor will be. We will let you know tomorrow."
This is the reader's choice now! Tell who you want to see at the competition in the comments below! The winner will be chosen tomorrow! If you want to see how CWS is preparing for the show check out her blog! Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Seeing Stripes

So this is a long over-due post but at the end of April I found a crown jewel of Breyers (well to me anyways),

 I found him with this goofy shipping set at an equastrian resale shop that has everything for a horse plus Breyers and old, awesome horse books! The best part about him was his price, $20.  On an unrelated note I bought all their books, about a hundred, for $30 and two saddle pads for my pony for cheap as well. Resale stores rock!

Fuzzy Ears!!!!
 This guy is one of my favorites and is named Stripes after the movie Racing Stripes. I made his tack set from the movie and will post that next! If you can get this guy (ok, technically girl)  for a decent price, buy it!

So here is a size comparison with him and the Breyer Fjord. The zebra is pony sized.

Twins anybody?
 And here he/she is with a John Henry. The zebra is small but still a nice size.

A Racing Stripes post is next!