Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hot Heads

I took these pictures for this story last Sunday and I finally got it posted now. I have a ton of stuff to put on this blog so let's get started with photo story #1

When Jack saw the ad he knew what had to be done. He called his best friend, Jake, over.

"Look at this! It's such a good deal and it's perfect for the farm," said Jack. Jake agreed and told the barn owner, Sydney, their plan.

"I really don't want a hotwalker. All the kids here walk their hot horses off anyways. They enjoy it. Don't bring this thing here," Sydney said. The boys just smiled. They wanted a hotwalker.

Then the next day this happened:

 Sydney came out of the barn, mad as an old red hen. "What are you doing! I told you not to bring this piece of junk here!" The boys nodded their heads and simply said, "He gave it to us for free, he didn't want it either." This much was true. "Alright you take care if this, put it together, get horses used to it, whole nine yards," said Syd as she went inside the barn to watch.
 The assembly went smoothly, for the most part.

 Jack briefly lost his ladder.
 Soon the boys were done and took a rest. Then it was time to load some horses.
 Cuervo was terrified of the noise, being that he was from a BLM round-up.
 Forest took off,
 leaving his halter hanging.
Sydney decided that if they could find four horses who could benefit from the hotwalker they could keep it. She didn't think they could manage such a responsible task. The boys selected four worthy horses, Riptide who was a young show jumper with a demanding training schedule,
 Baton Rouge an older racehorse recovering from a bad racing accident,
 Nemo a younger schooling pony who got very sweaty with his thick hair,
 and the young, spirited arabian stallion, Jolly. Jolly would soon be broken in and needed a serious energy drainer every now and then.
 After hand walking them they attached them to the hot walker. They all got the hang of it and enjoyed the nice, spring day.

 "You did it boys, you really did it. Now get this thing out of the commons and back by the paddocks," said Sydney. The boys just groaned.

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