Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fin's Foals

So this is a bit over due as this happened two weeks ago. I was on spring break and I got to meet up with my hobby friend, her nickname is Bird by the way, and I came bearing gifts. She had my Argyle Flagship Horse for me and I had a pair of show ribbons and her custom foal. Yep, Fin's foals were born! So here is the lovely photo story. Also, it's a little like three story lines in one, so I apologize for that.

 The trek had been long, two stallions, two teenagers, and the barn's designated trailer driver. All the way from Chicago Land's finest stable, Trail Blazer Farms to Ohio's hidden gem, Tweety Bird Stables. The teenagers were TBF's official jockey, Kate, and Meg, the girl showing Fin. After several hours of travel the crew arrived, weary from their travels. Cassie the barn owner greeted everybody and directed the horses to the proper stalls.

Kate put Lenny away in the racing barn. He's a bit of a Midwest legend so he was pampered. He was getting ready for his race that was being held in Canada. Lenny and Kate were both anxious to run off some pent up energy. Kate is as much of a Thoroughbred as her horse!

 But the real reason for the visit was to bring Fin up to meet his first foals. Fin is a young boy, only eight years old, and these twins were going to be his first! Meg groomed the anxious dad to be, he knew his mare was next door. 

The birthing kit was ready to go with cute little monogrammed blankets and toys for the new foals. Everyone waited and waited but nothing happened. Cassie instructed the girls to go for a ride or meet some of the other riders. Mares prefer to be alone during birth anyways.

So Kate tacked up Lenny and decided to challenge the farm's other two racehorses to a little practice race. Race For The Roses, AKA Rosie, and Feather Lace, AKA Lacey, were strong contenders. Lenny couldn't have cared who he was racing, he was pumped. He shot past everyone, and much to Kate's dismay, tired to quickly. Sometimes he's too stubborn to be stopped.

But Lethal Weapon tied with Race For The Roses,( And a few days later showed those Canadian horses what American racers are all about.) Meg decided to use her time riding the new drafter, Duke or Clover's Irish Mist. He's proficient in saddle work, vaulting, and carting. He's an all-arounder.

When the riders were done with their riding and racing Cassie called everyone to the foaling stall. There, in that little box, contained two precious half-Arab colts. One was a sturdy, solid black/bay horse and the other was a stunning black tobiano pinto.
 They quickly stood and romped around wondering what had happened. They nursed with their mother and then were greeted by the stable's crew. Soon they had warm blankets and bright, shiny halters for the chilly, spring night. Names were decided, Coin Flip for the black/bay and TBF Finishing The Dream for the pinto. Finishing The Dream would be called Royal and Coin Flip would be called Monty. The names related to their parents, sorta. Royal got his by combining his sire's name TBF Finish Line and his dam's name Daddy's Dollar, AKA Dream. Monty got his through the coin flip to determine who got each foal and because coin in spanish sounds a little like Monty. Through the coin flip TBF got Royal. While he's smaller he is very promising as both the foals are.
 Fin nuzzled his mare, thanking her for everything. He admired his new sons and whinnied a proud tune, as any father would. It was late and the whole stable went to bed shortly after.
The next morning the blankets were removed, and the foals were eager to play and explore. They met a new friend, a yearling named Kumquat or Q for short.
Later it got cold again and the brothers followed their mother to romp outside in the paddock.
Fin was being hand walked and he stopped for a moment to survey his lovely family. It was a good day for all.
I will continue to update everyone as the foals "grow up". It shouldn't be long now. Aside from all the other photo stories I have to share one will be halter training Royal.
As always thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below. And yes, I customized the foals and Lenny. If anyone is wondering about Lenny's color it's a rarer type of dappled black bay that results in those leopard/giraffe spots on his hind end.

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