Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pony Rides

As you may have known, Trail Blazer Farms had started a new trail riding program which was wildly popular. However, the program had one flaw, riders must be of eight years or older to ride. It was a sensible rule and an important one. There were a lot of kids though who wanted to ride, but they were just too young. So Lily decided to round up her friends and start having pony rides. After getting their idea approved by the owner, Sydney, they set to work training the ponies. They had to work on teaching the ponies to stay spaced out and to walk slowly. 

 Magnum had the most trouble with this and often tried to rush into AJ and Lily. Paige kept him in good order the best she could. Soon he was acting like the best pony in the world.
The next step was to walk them in tack. The girls saddled the ponies in western tack. Magnum didn't mind the new saddle.
Jackson didn't care for the new amount of weight and much preferred his old, light Wintec multi-purpose english saddle. 
 AJ cared the least since he was always ridden in western tack.
 Now they brought the ponies back into their ring and started walking them. Luckily the ponies remembered their paces, and they stayed properly spaced and walked very slowly.

Magnum thought he was quite charming in his new western attire and pranced about the ring, much to everyone's disliking.
 Now it was time to de-sensitize the intrepid equines by letting the barn dogs run wild,
 flag waving commence,
and giving some dogs a pony ride.

The girls were sure that their plan would work. Friday night arrived, three trail rides had been scheduled, pony rides had been heavily advertised, and the ponies were ready. The girls brought the ponies into the ring and Lily took a breath. This was their moment, they were going to put on the first ever TBF Pony Ride. 
 In preperation they set out a bucket of apples for sale and a sign.

 The girls tied the ponies to the fence and waited for their first customer. It didn't take long.
 A girl all three of them recognized was standing with a little boy. "Hello, can my brother have a pony ride, please?"
 "Sure," Lily said, "Hey, haven't I seen you here before?"
"Yes, I've been on a few trail rides. I'm going on one tonight. My parents came along and brought my brother so he could have a ride too."
"That's nice. He can pick out the pony he wants to ride and you can give Megan your fee,"replied Lily.
 The little boy, Bruce, spent some time talking to each pony,
 waving at them,
 and giving them pats.
 Bruce decided to pick Jackson to be his noble steed for the ride.
 Megan helped Bruce mount up.
 Once he was settled they began on their slow, leisurely walk.
 Bruce didn't care to sit still an demonstrated his trick riding skills.
 After realizing what had happened, Megan quickly taught him how to sit "side saddle." She figured it would be safer than Bruce's previous, "no hands" riding.
 During Bruce's ride, Paige and Lily patiently waited with their ponies outside. A little girl and her friend soon arrived. This girl insisted on petting Magnum,
 while this girl was more interested in petting Lily's suede patch on her jeans. The girls were eager for a ride and ran off to get money.
 Soon all three riders mounted up with their selected ponies. Bruce rode again and insisted on sitting "side saddle." Then the two little girls decided they needed to as well.

 After a very fun and successful ride, the three toddlers conjugated around the apple barrel. AJ was very interested as they picked an apple for each pony!

 They all waved good-bye to their steeds and the older girl, Hannah, went off to her trail ride.

 The girls were quite content with their work and gave several more pony rides. At the end of the night they couldn't think of a better reward than a pony ride for themselves.
Thanks for reading! Happy trails.

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