Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Breed Model Horses

Yep. This new affliction with blood lines and family heritage goes back all the way to when I was little.   Everything needs a family. My stuffed dogs all have a mom and a dad and lots of brothers and sisters. My earliest breyer horses, the Cochise Cody from Bonanza and the ASPCA Cody, were brothers who both fell in love with a pair of sisters, the Wild Blue Duchess and the Throughbred Mare and Foal Duchess. They didn't care about the size difference and each had a foal. When I got my two stall barn each family took a stall. So it may not be proper to have three horses in one stall, actually one horse, one pony, and one foal, but things will never change. Families need to stick together.
          Then when I joined Instagram, post about model horses and Instagram coming soon, I set up a model stud. Lots of people were doing it and for the time I was on their I have the most Stallion Points, fake currency, which was 115 Stallion Points. Well I left Instagram but the passion for bloodlines and families was still there.
         Flash forward to now. I have Fin, my grail. My best friend has her grail, Dream or Daddy's Dollars and SJustaDream model. She said "Let's breed them!" and I couldn't be happier to oblige. So here's my story on all of this, yes it's never just simple it's always complicated.
Fin meets Dream on the show circuit.
What a beautiful mare!
What a handsome stallion!
They fall in love but the show ends and they are sent home. One day they are at another show and see each other. Over joyed they run to each other. Fin is taking a break from showing and his owner decides to keep in touch with Dream's owner. True love found a way and Fin and Dream have a foal. Except they got twins! 
My friend knows a person on instagram who draws breyer pics. So she had this done.
Now here's where things get sticky. We were going to do customs. I'm painting them. We picked out the foals color and their adult models. They have personalities and everything. But we don't have any bodies. I made a deal that my friend would get both foals and I'd paint them for free. However it's been hard finding bodies. She asked someone about two FAF bodies on MH$P but they haven't contacted back yet. She has a plan to buy a Gilen but that leaves me foal-less. And I have no money right now. So if anyone has a Family Arabian Foal, Proud Arabian Foal, Gilen or Amber body that would be under $9 that'd be great. Expect more family updates soon!


  1. I loved the story! And how you and your friend are doing this. :) Hopefully you find suitable bodies soon.
    I used to do pedigree assignments forever ago. It was so much fun!

    1. Thanks you! I love pedigree assignment. My friend and I are having a lot of fun with this.