Thursday, March 19, 2015

Begin The Story!

Well life has gotten in the way again. Stomach flu, science project, school reports. Well it happens. I'm not leaving the blog, nor do I want to. I actually have a new idea, a new story for this blog.

I have wanted to write a novel for a long time. I wrote one called A Horse In Time about horse racing that was actually pretty great. I typed it on the drive to and from Breyerfest 2013. I was going to self publish when my computer crashed. I still have the rough written copy but the story really changed in the revision stage. I kinda lost the story and the hope of ever finishing it.

Well now I bring a new horse story. AHIT will be one of those things I always work on but my new story that's been brewing is called, Where The Wild Horses Roam. In true writer fashion I have typed up a nice synopsis.

Andy lost everything, his home, his farm, his cattle and his best friend a horse named Murphy, in a devastating fire. The only place to turn now is the Toyota Ranch, a cheesy dude ranch owned by his Dimwitted brother, Jack. Andy never cares about much after the fire and his low paying job as a stable hand doesn't help matters. But now the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge has traveled to his town, and Heather, an old friend, knows this is what Andy needs. Embark on a journey of mustangs, memories and forgiveness as Andy takes on the toughest challenge of his life. Get ready for Where The Wild Horses Roam.

You may now be thinking, "This is Amazing! But how does this relate to blog?" I've decided to post a chapter a time on the blog. I'm including breyer pictures for imagination and to tie it in the theme of the blog, is anyone excited? Is anyone going to read this? Let me know! If no one of cares then I'm probably not going to do this then. Thanks for reading and leave a comment below!


  1. I would most definitely read it! The story sounds great, but I suggest maybe changing Amy's name only because it might sound like you're coping the Heartland series. Other then that it sounds great!!

    1. Oh yeah. I never read those books. I do watch the TV show now. Good suggestion, I didn't like how her name started with an A. Amy and Andy, blah.
      Thanks for reading.