Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TWH Showing Rules and Ribbons

I'm waiting for Fin. It's very boring and I'm not sure I can actually wait for till Friday! Ugh. I think I'd like to call Fin a Tennessee Walking Horse, saddlebreds aren't usually pinto. I did a lot of research on these,
 Show ribbons. For those interested TWH should be shown without a forelocks, they should be shaved off or braided back into the mane. The horse in the picture seems to have his braided back. Ribbons aren't a must, at least the sources I read never said that they were necessary. They are pretty awesome and I think most people would show them with ribbons. Most people make their own and they often match either the barn's colors or the horse's colors. I'm making Fin a set of ribbons and this awesome brow band. Does anyone know how to wrap the brow band like that? I'm making a tutorial about my ribbons. Hopefully it will help live showers or photo showers out there. Let me know what you think!
Photo from here

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