Sunday, February 15, 2015

Polo Tack and Review

On my last polo post Jennifer Buxton commented and asked for pictures of her polo tack. I readily agreed and here we are. The polo wraps in this set are pretty nice. If not wrapped properly they fall a lot but they are made out of ultra-suede (pretty sure)so they won't tear like breyer's fleece of felt polos.
 My only complaint about this tack set is that there aren't instructions. If you've never tacked a horse before you'll run into trouble.

 Here's a close-up of the bridle, very nice with good quality buckles.
 The sirups are adjustable.
 Here's one picture under the flap. The girth is a little a far back but it fits properly like that. The under-girth fits well too.
 Here's a picture under the horse. I'm including a lot of on the horse pictures if anyone needs a reference  of how to put this tack on.
 Here's the girth with out the over-girth on. It has real buckles! Breyer your other saddles need to step it up.

 Here's a picture of the martingale and breastplate.
 Here's a front view.
 This saddle has a lot of straps, so know what each are so you don't tangle them. My biggest tip is to keep the box for a guide, sort of like a puzzle box's picture.
 It has real panels! It holds it's shape beautifully.
 Still holds it's shape. Sorry about my hands, guess I'll need to get a saddle stand.

 This saddle set is worth every penny! It's wonderfully made and designed. I love it! Thanks for reading and if you want a review on anything else or want to request picture setups let me know!


  1. Wow! I've never really liked the way breyer tack looked, hence the reason I don't own any breyer tack, but I am really liking this set!

    1. Yeah, it's a pretty unique set for breyer. I'll never get over the christmas my parents got me a western tack set and it broke so we had to send it back. This set is so well made that I think breyer should just hire other people to mack their tack.

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  3. Breyer did a really good job. I am so pleased. I want one!


    1. I think they should send you one! You're too awesome to just buy one.