Saturday, February 14, 2015

Polo Pony (and new photo studio)

Meet Code Grey, or Cody, and his owner, Santiago. They arrived today and asked if they could practice in one of our paddocks. Of course we agreed and took lots of photos while they practiced. 

Wham! Pow! Smack!

 Santiago is a little clueless but Cody helps him with it and they are a good team.
Now on to my new photo setup. I usually shoot with my overhead light on and my two lamps (one of them is the elusive woodgrain running mare and foal).
 #1 two lamps and overhead light
But, today it was too dark. I hate the look of the flash as it completely ruined this picture.
#2 same as #1 but I added the flash
I remembered that I had an old lamp from my great-uncle. I changed the bulb and plugged it in. Much better!
#3 same as #1 but with added lamp
 It was a little yellow so I made a "defuser" to add white balance. Picture Perfect!
#4 same as #3 but with added defuser
If anyone is wondering here is my lamp, 
a luxo lamp with computer paper taped on it. Here's a few more pictures in my new "studio". 

Thanks for reading! If anyone wants to request pictures of my horses or photo stories let me know. I'm having a bit of a writer's block but I'm also swamped with homework. Ideas and feedback, good or bad, is welcome!


  1. Is that the new Breyer polo saddle? I designed the prototype but have yet to see the actual production item. I'd love a photo or two of just the tack!

    1. Yes, yes it is. I love it and it is so different from normal breyer tack. It' snot falling apart for once! I'll take some pics ASAP.