Monday, February 2, 2015

Photo Story: TBF's Trail Ride Adventure

So here is the photo story I promised!
Today was a big day at the farm. 2015 brought a lot of changes to the barn, one being a new trail riding program. Molly led the horses into the temporary paddock. While Jake, the trail end for today, and Jack, the trail leader, got their horses ready. Jake decided to use the barn's mule, Lampwick, so he could get Lampwick ready for the job of being a trail horse mule.
Once everything was settled Jake and Molly waited for the riders and Jack tacked up his horse, Winston.
There were improvements that would need to be made like the fact that two of the trail horses were borrowing tack and this last minute mounting block.
Finally the riders arrived. Jake and Molly explained the rules and the proper way to control their horses.
Then the girls chose the horse that suited them most.
The little redhead like Chewy.
This girl that showed up in pajamas and slippers liked Whisky.
And this girl named Hanah liked Bigsby, while Bigs rather detested.
 Jake led the girls away to get helmets and Molly tacked up the horses.

Jack showed up and waited for the riders to mount.

 It took a lot to get in the saddles but once the girls did they were ready to go!

 Except fot this one who complained that her slipper fell off and her helmet was ruining her hair.

Jack led the horses out of the gate and onto the main trail with Jake following behind.

As they neared the intersection where the riders would cross the road, Lampwick began to misbehave.
 He swerved,
 He bucked,
And he caused Jake to get too far behind.
 Lampwick tried again to turn around and balked when Jake turned him around. Something was wrong.
 Jake called up to Jack at the front of the trail."Hey something's up with Lampwick. Let's turn around and go the other way. The trail loops so we'll come back 'round."
 "Yeah sure, that'll work. Turn around everybody!"
 "I'm the new leader, follow me!" called Jake.
Then everything went fine. 

But two minutes after they turned the trail around they heard a large crash. A car had sped through the intersection and ran into an old cider mill. It was exactly where Jack and his horse had been standing.
No one could believe that Lampwick had just saved them all!
When they returned home the riders gave their horses a big hug and said good bye, eager to return for another ride. 

 Thanks to Lampwick, this was a ride no one would soon forget. And on the next trail ride TBF staff knew who to put as the guide horse mule.


  1. I've always heard that mules are very smart! ;)

    1. Me too! I wanted this story to test the theory of a mules intelligence. Thanks for reading!