Thursday, February 5, 2015

Model Racing

 For tonight I give you my summer's project, a racing season with breyers! While I was hung up this summer I had too much siting around time, but hey what can you do when your back is broken?, and made a bunch of stop motions. I posted them here in order so you may enjoy the 2014 racing season!
Race One, disregard the title card in the video that says Race 7. Also beware of my terrible announcer voice. Haha, it's terrible!
Race Two! The action really builds here.  ;)
These are basically the semifinals. OR Race Number Three!!!
Over excited about plastic racing ponies? Yes, yes I am. Here's the final race!


What horse did you think would win? I picked by a random generator and he was actually the fan favorite. Crazy stuff, these races, crazy stuff. I'm pulling the track out tomorrow to fix it up, add the new guardrail fencing and take pictures! No more stop motions though, haha. Thanks for watching!

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