Monday, February 2, 2015

High Hopes

A second post? Why yes, today I'm magical. This story is about Paige. Paige had a pony named Darwin that she competed on, grew up on, and had fun with. 
 The only problem was, Paige grew. She needed a new horse for the rest of her riding days.
 She loved Pie but the barn wasn't going to sell him.
 Paige tried her talents and began working with OTTBs and found that she was good with old, slow horses like Baton Rouge.
 She worked with Inferno or as he was know on the track, Raging Fire.
 Paige wasn't content with just riding around she wanted to be her normal, daredevil self with the old TBs.
 However she couldn't get the old TBs to do everything, as seen here.
 Then she met Motown and fell in love. Yet again he was a barn horse but the barn made a deal and she could lease him for a year.
 He was amazing at jumping and the pair had that special magic. They even won a few show awards, but when Mo fell and was injured he was retired from jumping and trained for dressage.
 Paige isn't a dressage rider and her one year lease was up. She moved on from Mo and waited for another horse. For a while there wasn't a horse for her.
 But then she met Clover. No one knows where he came from or anything about his past, but he was the TB of her dreams.
 She's training him for shows in the spring and back to her old self,
 Doing all the things paige does,
 From standing on her horse,
 To riding backwards,
 Clover lets her be Paige.
This story is dedicated to all the people out there who have found their "Clover" and to those of us who haven't, yet.


  1. Replies
    1. He's so cute! He looks like a good boy.

  2. Great job! I haven't found my clover yet, but I have a feeling that when I do it will probably be a TB :)

    1. Thanks! I haven't either. If I ever found my clover it would probably be a Fjord or something. Halflinger maybe?

  3. Cute story! I have my "Clover", his name is Bo. I've had him almost all of his life, I bought him when he was a foal. Over the years I've tried doing things with other horses and Bo would always be put on the backburner. He's always been my main man though. Now he is the only one I have and we do everything together. :)