Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fox Meadow Downs!

Welcome to Fox Meadow Downs! We have three TBF horses here to kick off their 2015 racing season,
 This is Lethal Weapon or Lenny, he had a strong but short two-year-old year and is training for his three-year-old start.
 This is Timer Wolf sometimes called Timmy. He's five this year and training for his final races,
 And then we have Raging Fire, or Inferno. He's only four and getting in the game for the last two years of racing.
And here we have the jockeys. Kate who is our pro-rated jockey is racing Lenny. She worked with him last season and the pair did great! He actually got first in his maiden. Kate is hoping for him to qualify for the Triple Crown. It's far fetched but anything is possible.
 Maya is racing Inferno. He'll probably be retired this year and trained for harness racing, then Maya will still drive him in those races too.
 Then we have Paige. She's doing this for board money and will train Timmy after his racing career. She has magic with these TBs.
The girls exercise,
 Hot walk,
 And train their horses.
Lethal weapon has bad starting habits

Here's an overview of their daily life.
But it's not all work. Every night they go out for a practice breeze.

The winner of tonights breeze was Lethal Weapon, followed by Timber Wolf and finished with Raging Fire.

Here's a track tour for anyone interested.
The stalls are made out of breyer fencing and open and close.

There's an outer fence and this inner "guard rail" fence. 
 This little gate area that lets horses onto the track. This is also where people hot walk their horses.
 And we have the inner gate.

Lenny's leaving the track!
We have a finish line,
 A tote board with chalk board squares to write down all the important info,
 and a starting gate. My dad helped me make this, all though he did most of it, and my mom surprised me and painted the track. It was my birthday present from last year. It's pretty awesome.

 Here's an overview of the track.
And here's our racers relaxing after their long day. I'll be making another photo story with the track and then its back to storage. I wish I had one of those huge houses where I could leave everything out like rich people. Any one got a lottery ticket? That's all for now, thanks for reading!