Monday, February 16, 2015

BSC Winter Photo Challenge Extras

I'm pretty sure that for most blogs not every photo taken gets posted. For the BCS Winter Photo Challenge there were a lot of leftover photos. I think the ones I picked were the best for my entry but here are the extras.
#6 Rare Breed
I had thought of this showmanship entry for Painted Laredo, a clydesdale paint horse cross.
#5 Unbridled Passion
I took a lot for this one. There's about five other pictures for this one. I like this one for the fake motion of Jake's hand.
#8 Conga
It's cute with the focus on the JMs, looking as if they were contemplating the other team's dance.

It's also cute putting the focus on the Codies dancing around.
#3 Scale Issues
This was cute but the one in the challenge is much better.
I don't think I'll win, this entry probably will, but it was fun. I also feel honored to be the fist entry in the contest! I'm never first at much, well horse shows sometimes, so this was pretty special. I also got a lot of attention for my blog and started blogging. A lot of good came from this, now only if I could make/get a nameplate halter. Hmmmmmmmmm....


  1. That's a neat idea, to share extra pictures from the challenge. I had different ideas for some of the pictures. Maybe I should share some extras too... :D

    1. Go ahead! That would be very cool! I'd love to see it.