Friday, February 27, 2015

Damage Control

My nice Kong was gouged. All because of some fake sand! Beast is one of my favorite models, he holds a special place in my heart for lots of reasons. My aunt got him for me on one of our famous Tuesday Mornings shopping sprees. We could go for hours and find "treasures" which my parents would just see as junk. One day we found Beast. I don't think my aunt knows but he's named after her favorite movie, Beauty And The Beast. I'll admit, I cried when he got all scratched. (FYI: My aunt's well and alive in case anyone thought this was a sad story or something)
 Here's the damage,

 To fix his hooves I layered brown,

 Then black.


 Now he's sprayed and fixed up!
 The paint is kinda noticeable but it's so much better then before. I can live with it.

There was an accident...

Well. No vaulting pics right now. Beast, my Kong model, fell over during the shoot and scratched himself up. His left side is gouged. Currently in the fixing stage. If I get him sprayed today and he dries in time there might be a vaulting set up. I might still post the few photos I got before he tipped. Ugh. Sorry guys.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Today I finally recovered from my cold. There will be a post tonight about my new vaulting set. I'm really excited about it! Check back!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Almost Wordless Sunday

I have a cold. It sucks. No sugar coating it. The person that can make the best story to these pictures in the comments gets it published and wins something. (Perhaps a halter?) Enjoy.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Finally Here!

Fin arrived on Tuesday. I never got around to posting because I've been busy. The seller was great! She included a 2002 breyer catalog, this also means that Fin is from the 2002 line. He is stunning.

 His show name is Finish Line. It's symbolic enough for me.
 His head is semi-glossy!

 I don't enjoy using the flash, but in this picture the flash brought out the cool brown detail on him.

I also finished his bridle, halter coming soon.
 I love the way his brow band turned out. Anyone want a tutorial on those?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 16, 2015

BSC Winter Photo Challenge Extras

I'm pretty sure that for most blogs not every photo taken gets posted. For the BCS Winter Photo Challenge there were a lot of leftover photos. I think the ones I picked were the best for my entry but here are the extras.
#6 Rare Breed
I had thought of this showmanship entry for Painted Laredo, a clydesdale paint horse cross.
#5 Unbridled Passion
I took a lot for this one. There's about five other pictures for this one. I like this one for the fake motion of Jake's hand.
#8 Conga
It's cute with the focus on the JMs, looking as if they were contemplating the other team's dance.

It's also cute putting the focus on the Codies dancing around.
#3 Scale Issues
This was cute but the one in the challenge is much better.
I don't think I'll win, this entry probably will, but it was fun. I also feel honored to be the fist entry in the contest! I'm never first at much, well horse shows sometimes, so this was pretty special. I also got a lot of attention for my blog and started blogging. A lot of good came from this, now only if I could make/get a nameplate halter. Hmmmmmmmmm....

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dressage Clydesdales

Meet Edge Of Glory, our dressage clydesdale.
Glory showed up unannounced. (In real life my friend said, "I've got a surprise for you," and sent me Glory as payment for her custom I made her. She said next time we'd talk money but if she wants to get me horses that's cool too. That's where the money's going, probably.) Even though Sydney basically owns Glory she asked Penny to show her. Sydney isn't so graceful anymore. Here they are at the January Classic Warm-up show in Kentucky. Certainly wouldn't be at a outdoor show in January in Illinois.
Saluting the judges before beginning
 Their test went well and actually got first place! We had more shows lined up until this happened,
 a little colt. We named him Shadowed Glory or Shady or Shad. His father came from the old barn. His sire's name is Cast No Shadow, a striking clydesdale stallion.
 In a lesser-known stock show he placed first for draft colt. Who knows, maybe one day he'll be up there with his mother preforming dressage. Or perhaps a jumping clydesdale! You never know...
Thanks for reading!!!

Polo Tack and Review

On my last polo post Jennifer Buxton commented and asked for pictures of her polo tack. I readily agreed and here we are. The polo wraps in this set are pretty nice. If not wrapped properly they fall a lot but they are made out of ultra-suede (pretty sure)so they won't tear like breyer's fleece of felt polos.
 My only complaint about this tack set is that there aren't instructions. If you've never tacked a horse before you'll run into trouble.

 Here's a close-up of the bridle, very nice with good quality buckles.
 The sirups are adjustable.
 Here's one picture under the flap. The girth is a little a far back but it fits properly like that. The under-girth fits well too.
 Here's a picture under the horse. I'm including a lot of on the horse pictures if anyone needs a reference  of how to put this tack on.
 Here's the girth with out the over-girth on. It has real buckles! Breyer your other saddles need to step it up.

 Here's a picture of the martingale and breastplate.
 Here's a front view.
 This saddle has a lot of straps, so know what each are so you don't tangle them. My biggest tip is to keep the box for a guide, sort of like a puzzle box's picture.
 It has real panels! It holds it's shape beautifully.
 Still holds it's shape. Sorry about my hands, guess I'll need to get a saddle stand.

 This saddle set is worth every penny! It's wonderfully made and designed. I love it! Thanks for reading and if you want a review on anything else or want to request picture setups let me know!