Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Photo Story: Arena Buzz

At TBF the arena is crazy all the time. Jake is a bit of a dare devil and owns five horses. Two of his stallions Gold, the black Missouri Fox Trotter, and Spinner, the other MFT, are father and son. He does everything on these guys. Today he decided to practice roman riding on his boys.

Two pretty boys!
 Maya is a lucky little girl who just bought her first horse from Jake. It was chill so she rode in a blanket today, not the wisest decision but Lady is a pretty easy keeper.

 And then we have Jess. She's working out a new dressage horse named Archie. Archie is the barn's new dressage lesson horse. He was doing great and Jess was really working him hard! We think Archie we will be great at dressage.

More later!

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