Saturday, January 24, 2015

BCS Winter Photo Challenge

This was so much fun to do! I loved it all. I took a more creative approach to these pictures than just the literal meaning. So here we go!

#1 Vintage.
The old men's pasture.
#2 Nekkid
Shirtless Guy + Tackless Horse= Nekkid
#3 Scale Issues
This guy's definitely got some scale issues....
#4 I See Spots
Lots Of Spots
#5 Unbridled Passion
You could call it that...
#6 Rare Breed
Clydesdale Paint Cross. That's not something you see every day.
#7 Portrait
#8 Conga
My two largest congas, the Justin Morgans and the Codies. They seem to be having a dance battle of sorts.

#9 The Great Outdoors
Dashing through the snow, kickin' it up as we go...
#10 Best In Show
Who wouldn't want to be this little girl right now?

Thanks for hosting! This was so much fun! I really hope you like them as I'd love to have any piece of tack from you! Thanks again!!!! If you'd like to participate in the BCS Winter Photo Challenge you can check it out here
Also try not to copy my original ideas please.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad! More people need to host things like this even if it's just for fun. I had a blast thinking and creating these setups. It made me realize I need to get on here more.

  2. I love how Sahran's just like, "Ooohhh, it's so tiny!" in #3!

    1. I know I can imagine him stroking the mini's head. I think that little guy's thinking "Get me out of here!!!"