Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Things

Fist let's start off with a picture of Jake messing up his dog walking chore. Poor Jake, if it wasn't bad enough letting the dog go he's getting judged by a horse at the same time!
"Hey get back here!"
One more look at Jake's fail.
But now onto our horse.
This horsey critic is Percy.

His show name is Pursuit Of Happiness.
I had wanted a Peter Stone DAH ISH that looked similar to Percy for christmas but the site was out of ISH long mane long tail bodies. Nothing else would do so I was determined to paint him myself. That idea was put on the back burner until I found a body. Finally I've found one and Percy was born.

He's pretty special to me and I put a lot of "easter eggs" on him like this,

Look at his heart!
If I were to win the BCS Winter Photo Challenge  Percy would be getting the name plate halter, 
Percy's a kind horse so he couldn't leave Jake out to dry.
"Little dog stop running! I command you!"
In other news,
I sculpted a puppy! It's a semi-portait of my own dog Rosie who is well past her puppy size but not her puppy-ness,
But notice something else? Jack the cowboy got a vest! I really enjoyed making these, they are really easy and no sew!
I also made a brown one and a grey one. The grey one still needs a real owner but for now Jake will just have two.

I'll need to make a proper pattern for the child riders, it's way too big on her.
And now for fun! A masterpiece I call, Dog in Vest.
And to show how Percy is very calm and loving,
vest on his head!
That's all for now. Tune in tomorrow for another post. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Photo Story: Arena Buzz

At TBF the arena is crazy all the time. Jake is a bit of a dare devil and owns five horses. Two of his stallions Gold, the black Missouri Fox Trotter, and Spinner, the other MFT, are father and son. He does everything on these guys. Today he decided to practice roman riding on his boys.

Two pretty boys!
 Maya is a lucky little girl who just bought her first horse from Jake. It was chill so she rode in a blanket today, not the wisest decision but Lady is a pretty easy keeper.

 And then we have Jess. She's working out a new dressage horse named Archie. Archie is the barn's new dressage lesson horse. He was doing great and Jess was really working him hard! We think Archie we will be great at dressage.

More later!

Monday, January 26, 2015


Ughhhhh it's Monday. I have a riding lesson tonight so yay! But still ugh. Here's some horsy pics.
Talent. This is talent. Who else can walk 2 horses and a dog?
 All of these were taken while I was experimenting with camera angles.

Thirsty guy, huh?
Have a happy Monday and a good week!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Snow Picture Dump

I'm not a fan of the snow or winter but I decided to make he most of it and take some pictures. So here is the photo dump!!!! YAY!