Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meet Moo-Ya!

Disclaimer: I know nothing about roping so if I said something wrong then let me know please!
So, everyone we would like you to meet Moo-Ya our cow.
He is the only cow at Trail Blazer Farms and he gets used for every sport with a cow in it. Today was cow day. Moo-Ya was first roped today. This lovely pair is Jack and his trusty rodeo horse, Winston.
We let the cow out and the team worked their magic. Jack throws his lasso...
... it flies through the air...
... and snags Moo-Ya! Good catch!

Moo-Ya thinks this is unfair
Winston thinks he'll be getting lots of carrots
The next event Moo-Ya was forced to do  participated in was team roping. Our lovely pairs were again, Jack and Winston and the talented Jake who is a jack of all trades. He is riding his horse Chevy today.
Dynamic duo anyone?

They approach Moo-Ya and wait. Since Chevy is a speed demon Jake will be heading today.

And the gate opens! Lassos are thrown!

All barn members stop and stare at the fabulous team work. ;D


After all of this roping Moo-Ya basically wants nothing to do with humans or horses. Now we practice cutting with him! It makes sense because it challenges the mind of the horse. First up is Lily and her horse Garth. 
Unfortunately today we discovered that Garth is not a good cutter. He just stood there.
And stood there.
The cow really freaked him out and he wouldn't move until someone put Moo-Ya back in his pen. Luckily though, Molly, Lily's twin sister, got a good ride out of our cutting cow pony, Duke, AKA Duke of Hazard. He really loves to chase down those cows.

So after a long day of work Moo-Ya rested in his pen. He's pretty evil so don't be fooled by his cuteness. He escapes often and during his daring acts exercises more than when we use him to work horses. Plus he has spooked almost every horse at this barn! Oh Moo-Ya you are such a grumpy cow.

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