Thursday, November 20, 2014

First Real Post

Okay so I sorta, kinda, forgot about this blog.  So sorry to the people who happen to read this and have been waiting for posts. So I want to let you know that this blog will include photo stories, some customs, tack, and a little bit of real horses too. This post will also have some grainy pictures because I'm just pulling them off of my iPad. iPads take horrible pictures by the way. Anyways let's start.

Fifteen Random Things 

I've really wanted to this so,
1. I have seen every episode of Friends
2. I love horses and dogs
4. According to blogger that is the only picture it will let me post.
5. I do not like blogger right now. 
6. Over the summer I fell off of a race horse and broke my back
7. I still ride
8. I love riding a Haflinger named Boomer
9. I've ridden a lot of horses and have a "mile stone horse" named Fancy who was the first horse I rode, first horse I rode in a show and first horse I won a blue ribbon on.
10. I've had lots of horses take off on me, surprisingly the old, grouchy ones.
11. I love writing
12. I met my best friend, Jayna, in Kentucky at breyerfest  this year.
13. I own a Golden Retriever named Rosie.
14. I ride dressage
15. I have an internet blog friend Alyssa Monk aka, CBL! ( Colorado Breyer Lover)
So I apologize to people who like pictures. I will figure out this blog thingy. Anyways I am also thinking about doing some tutorials. If I did would there be any interest and what would you like to see? Well thanks for reading my first blog post. I'll be a better blogger now. ;)

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